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The true story of Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage:
how it all began, how it would end, and everything in between.

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A scripted, narrative feature film.

From a pulpit perched above the dancefloor in the Paradise Garage, Larry Levan reinvented what it means to be a DJ and redefined the musical genre. This is the true story of how everything came together despite all odds in the late 1970’s in New York City to construct a cherished space that served as a sanctuary to its members. The film portrays the complicated relationship between Paradise Garage owner Michael Brody and Larry Levan. It covers Larry’s brilliant but short-lived career including his remixing and producing work in the studio, and stretches into the 80’s as AIDS began to tragically decimate the community, ultimately leading to the closing of the club. The film is a celebration of the music, the artists who performed there and the legacy Larry and Michael created that still lives on to this day.

"Imagine an experimental sound laboratory housed in a Baptist Church with a pagan dance party taking place in the pews, and you'll get some idea of the exhilarating and joyous atmosphere that legendary DJ Larry Levan created during his 11-year reign at the Paradise Garage."  -  New York Newsday


"Thank you! Looking forward to this movie. All best from Oslo and Norway."

"Really looking

forward to this movie, your doc was phenomenal. Good luck to you and the whole crew on a successful shoot."

"A few years too young and a few miles away but I consider it my spiritual home."

"Hi there! I cannot

wait for this project to come to life! I moved to NYC from London, and deeply love everything the Garage stands for."

"Garage member, devoted friend, best of luck with the movie, the story must be told."

"I would be nothing today without Larry. Thank you, Larry! We love you."

"I was there!

And am so happy to see Larry and Michael get their due. Much luck!"

"Ya'll betta get it right. No pressure."

"The Garage

was the very best part of my life."

"Wonderful knowing this movie is going to happen."


"Waiting for the movie! From Russia with love."

"Was born 20

years too late and missed out at the time. But the legend lives on every weekend in my house!"

"When it comes to influential DJs deserving of a biopic, Larry Levan is the one."  -  Tidal

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